Alfa Media &  Marketing Solutions, LLC

 Somos una agencia de publicidad y mercadeo, ubicada en el área de Washington, DC. Nos dedicamos a ofrecer servicios de marketing digital, televisión y radio.


Nos enfocamos en posicionar marcas en la mente del consumidor, con el objetivo de apoyar las metas comerciales de nuestros clientes.

Producción de video

Contamos con equipo propio de producción y realización de vídeo, contando con personal humano y medios técnicos para la producción de cualquier proyecto audio visual.

Producción de audio

Producción de programas radiales, comerciales de radio, infomerciales, e imagen de radio.


Traducimos guiones de comerciales de inglés al español y viceversa.

Videos animados

Los vídeos animados son muy útiles para presentar de forma entretenida y original un servicio complicado de plasmar en imágenes tradicionales, ayudándote a explicar los conceptos de forma breve y sencilla!.

Manejo de Redes Sociales

Incluye manejar todo para nuestros clientes desde la compra de publicidad en redes sociales, subir contenido, creación de contenido, diseño de flyers digitales, creación y edición de videos.

Grabación de voz (voice-over)

Contamos con un banco de voces  masculina y femenina.  Talentos que cuentan con una larga experiencia en grabaciones en off para videos de comerciales, y videos animados.

Diseño Web

Creamos el sitio web que necesitas, con una estructura especialmente diseñada para tu negocio.

Diseño gráfico

Creamos piezas gráficas publicitarias para tu negocio.  Creamos tu marca.



Nuestro origen comienza desde el 1997, fecha en la cual nos iniciamos en el mundo de la radio, más tarde la televisión, y plataformas digitales.   Contamos con una gran experiencia en medios de comunicación.  Nos enfocamos en posicionar marcas en la mente del consumidor, con el objetivo de apoyar las metas comerciales de nuestros clientes.


Llegar a ser el mejor aliado y apoyo de nuestros clientes, para ayudarlos a lograr sus objetivos; utilizando nuestra amplia experiencia, creatividad, innovación, conocimiento y tecnología.


Ser el alivio de Marketing para nuestros clientes, basado en la satisfacción y confianza obtenida a través de nuestros proyectos.

Para lograrlo nos mantenemos al día con los cambios de la industria, siempre mejorando nuestros procedimientos y estándares, con el fin de obtener mejores resultados para nuestros clientes.

Eduardo Zavala, President of the News Division of ZGS Communications and ZGS Digital

“My experience working with Claudia Alfaro has been wonderful and I am confident that a brilliant future awaits her.  As president of ZGS Communications, I can attest Claudia’s commitment and loyalty to the company she works for. “

“During the 7 years that she worked with us, she demonstrated her dedication to complete any role or project that we assigned her. I know Claudia’s work since she began to have great success as a radio personality in Romántica 900am, then in charge of all administrative and technical issues of this radio station and as a writer contributor with holaciudad.com.

Thanks to her determination to grow in the company she was promoted to the position of supervisor of legal and administrative matters for all of our Telemundo affiliated TV stations. For this reason, I can affirm that I am 100% satisfied with Claudia’s work. Her talent has no limits. “

Ana Milena Pena-Zegarra, Mortgage Originator

“I have known of Claudia’s advertising knowledge and skills for many years until I finally needed her expertise for a radio project.  Her work is impressive! I remember the first time we broadcasted one of her productions on the radio and I started to receive calls from new clients instantly!​

Claudia Alfaro knows how to bring revenues to your business or company in a very short period of time. She is a living proof of success and I am a completely satisfied client. I truly believe that your company could also receive many benefits by hiring Alfa Media as your advertising agency.”

Victoria PeÑa, Broker and Real Estate Agent

“It has been over ten 10 years that I’ve been working with Claudia Alfaro as my advertising agent, her effectiveness surprises me every time. She has a solid network and experience in the media industry which has helped my company reach to another level through a 360 plan which includes advertising and media-buy in most platforms such as radio, Digital & Social Media, and Television.  Alfa media produces all of our commercials and weekly radio shows which are pre-recorded to  sound live, in which she does an amazing job… the most professional real estate show in the area is ours because Alfa Media & Marketing Solutions produces it!

“We speak the same language. It’s amazing how she can develop a business plan almost reading my mind. We build this strong relationship because she never makes random bets, but rather she makes a market study appealing to my business goals. Thanks to her solid experience she creates a magic formula that can only take you to the peak of success. I could not be more thankful!

Germin Bernal, CEO of Smart TV Technologies

“I hired Zap Communications now Alfa Media and Marketing Solutions LLC, as my advertising agency back in 2003 and thanks to their professionalism we are still doing business with this agency. When we began using Alfa Media’s agency services, I owned a dealer company for Direct TV and Dish Network, at that time my business had an annual revenue of roughly $500K, but as soon as we selected Alfa’s advertising services our sales rocketed to approximately $ 5 million a year.   I only believe in facts and Alfa hit the target. I know that without their knowledge, integrity, and commitment, I possibly wouldn’t have reached my goals”.

Nuestros clientes


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